Monday, 27 January, 2020

Nissan 370Z best car

Internet transforms Gripz concept into sports car, but Nissan bosses say the 370Z isn’t dead yet

At the Frankfurt show this week, Nissan unveiled the Gripz, a tall, pointy concept it described as a ‘radical sports crossover’.

The mention of that word ‘sports’, along with the presence of that letter ‘z’ in the name, led the world (well, us at least) to speculate that the Gripz previewed the next generation of Nissan’s Z-car range, a crossover successor to the 370Z.

And now a friend of TG, digital artist RC82 Workchop, has gone one step further, morphing the Gripz into something lower, sleeker, and very much more recognisably Z-car, a creation he’s christened ‘390Z’. Looks interesting, no?

Nissan's 370Z

However, though the 370Z is now six years old, it seems Nissan is in no rush to replace it. Phillipe Klein, Nissan’s product planning chief, told us at the Frankfurt show that there’s life in the old dog yet.

“There is no urgency in 370Z,” said Klein. “It’s still a good asset for the company, it has a good customer base.”

So any 370Z replacement, it seems, is still a while away. And Klein wouldn’t be drawn on whether the Gripz would shape the future of Nissan’s Zed range. “It’s too early to give anything specific at the moment, “ he said. “There is no urgency.”

Nissan 370Z

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